Gigabyte B250-Fintech 12-GPU Mining Motherboard Review

Today i show you the 12-GU B250-Fintech Mining Motherboard from Gigabtye.
They have developed their own motherboard for GPU Mining and i decided to do a short review on the board!
The board is reasonable at a $175 price range.

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  • Suzan Gunn

    Would this be a good motherboard for 3D rendering and model making?

  • trapped cat

    I would rather have 8 amd cards on the blockchain driver and 4 nvidia cards. Adrenalin has been troublesome for me.

  • H B

    Not forget the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO ;) also an really good board.

  • TheBitcoinMiner

    Nice review bro! Thanks!

  • Mazaribeiro

    Not too bad, not too bad. Thanks for sharing!

  • Luka Stankovic

    Hello everybody, does someone know a program or something that notifies me when some of the rigs are not working

  • Jeff Doe

    What is nice about this board that no one talks about are the 4 red diagnostic lights. Something was wrong with my system and the lights outline clearly if it is the ram, the cpu, the vga, and so on. I alnost bought a new CPU because of VGA issues but the Ram was incorrectly seated.

  • antone rich

    Great man. Are there any good mining MB for AMD CPUs?

  • Marc Gleicher

    Why the need to evenly load the three power supplies when using the adapter? There is none. All it does is trip the power on for all of them at the same time. Power is irrelevant.It works differently on the asus board where it powers different sections.

  • clubroses

    Hey man, on your page: you update premade for nvidia for latest release, and update your links they are pointing to old github ones etc.Please respond bro, would be great if you could.

  • DIAM : Digital INDIA Advertising & Marketing

    Same board only 6 GPU work after connecting 7th our miner restart and can't detect 6 and 7th GPU but 6 Cards are Running Smoothly any suggestions using rx 570 gpu

  • Litecoin Lucky

    Very happy with this MB, been running it full time for 4 weeks with no issue. Also no bios update required for this MB yet out of the box.

  • Keith McClellan

    I own a couple of the asus 250 experts, once you go over 13 GPU's things get a lil messy.. Gotta use SMOS, much easier to deal with but the board IMO is still really unstable. I'd stay the hell away from AMD, I sold all my AMD GPU's and went full NVIDIA and got better results and didn't have to waste a week troubleshooting mindless crashes due to shit driver coding.

  • miner x101

    chur bro always 1st : )

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