My Own Nvidia GTX 1070 ti - Power Shunt Resistor Mod

Power Shunt Resistor Mod on my GTX 1070 to unlock as much power as possible using liquid metal. I also used my Arctic aftermarket GPU cooler and some Noctua fans and that pushed things to the limit! **** HUGE Disclaimer, I am not going to be held responsible if you do this mod your self and things blow up. I'm just showing you what I did, not advising you what to do. Good luck!

Conductonaut Liquid Metal:
Arctic Accelero GPU cooler:
GTX 1070 on amazon:

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Enermax 240mm AIO:
Vivo V08 Case On My Set:
Thermaltake View 31:
My Threadripper Mobo:
Ballistix Elite Ram Is AWESOME:

My Ryzen 7 CPU and Mobo
ASRock AB 350 Pro4:
Ryzen 1700
Ryzen 1700x

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Intro is Instrumental produced by Chuki, the best beats on youtube!

(Unless otherwise stated music is from the Epidemic Sound Library...)
  • Makivel

    Do this with a 1070ti and see how far it'll go

  • NiM Ayanami

    lol, i think this guy might be an intel fan

  • Gabriel D andrea

    Great channel, subscribed.

  • M0nza

    Something to note is that Gallium based liquid metals can eat away the solder on those resistors... I'd rather not do it that way... Link to proof:

  • ScottishBawbag

    I'll buy it from you for three fidee

  • AdvancedBretty

    I have not watched the video with sound yet as in school haha. So this can make a blower style GTX 1070, like the 1070 Turbo and the 1070 FE you used into a more a like Open Air GPU?

  • Ickda ogda

    his click bait failed me, some how when I clicked it i thought it said lets build a 1070 ti....... My autism has advanced to the next level

  • Chris

    Why can't noctua make gpus /cry

  • Brian Joseph

    Hell yeah, sweet job man! Now turn my daughter's Saphire nitro r7 370 into...Anything other than a nitro...Just kidding man, be safe.

  • Serj Star

    Your intro I'd like a beggining of a porno and then u see u red face lol ;(

  • Kc Showalter

    Dope Centurion 2 caseStill have one myself

  • Vincent Stakenburg

    What the fuck are you doing? Why not put a solder blob there?

  • Mr. Tas

    dude you need to slowwwww down your out of breath as hell

  • Blazing Johnny95

    Keep doing your videos man. Great work

  • Joyson Wildhart

    video starts (i think) at 2:55

  • abdallah hassan

    I would sell my lever to get a decent pc i hate my dual core pc

  • Dakotajack Wienke

    8:28 (captions on) love those nacho fans I have like 20 of them

  • imthekingofrs 2

    that plastic wrap thing happen with a hifi system i had for 15 years, the sound it made pullin it off was fantastic <3

  • jesse mackenzie

    I just looked to see if my rgb controller still had the film.... IT DID!!!!!

  • Mihail Tochev

    You know gallium will destroy the joint, right? Very bad idea showing people how to kill their card, just because you don't understand chemistry and electronics. Sure, it will not happen immediately, it may not even happen in the period you use the card, but at some point(in your hands or in someone else's it will happen). It is easy to repair, but for the people that decide to try this ,it probably won't be.proof:

  • Serj Star

    Would it just be better to just put a liquid cooler mod on there and call it a day

  • DarthSmartt

    I can’t even get 2050 on my 1080 watercooled!

  • Mephusto West

    Your videos are fun but the sound is terrible. I can barely hear you then BAM loud music.

  • jason p

  • SavageDudeAnus

    The entire card is that little thing? Whats the rest of the fancy crap on there

  • No Pun

    Buys GTX 1070ti. Applies power shunt resistor mod. Increases clock speeds. Smells burning. Runs for fire extinguisher. Realizes the fire is on head.Were gingers really kissed by fire?

  • Steven Massey

    1 minute in and subscribed this guy cracks me up 😂

  • the guy

    Hey i want to ask u a you something email me at

  • Geoffrey Fung

    After seeing all these lucrative plastic sheets, I’m searching through my pc for plastic to peel

  • Daniel Ramirez

    Excuse me, i dont understand min 7:02 what happen?Can everybody write me?I dont speak in english, so i I dont understand the explanation of this procedure.Thank you

  • GtfoTyvm

    I'm laughing your promoting this. This is why I never buy used cards. Retards melting their cards literally

  • z lariviere20

    "nec" not enough coke, no not that coke, yes that coke.

  • Finn Dawg

    Just pulled the film off my msi r9 290x lol its fucking april 29th 2018

  • A Y

    You bypass a protection mechanism of the electrical design and by doing so you put the GPU in Risk of Death. Is it worth Risking a 500$ (600 today) for 3% performance boost ? I don't think so... Its like taking a Fuse of the system

  • pahom

    You are an awkward idiot who never held a soldering iron, just solder the wire to the resistor. Who ever came up with the use of gallium for this ???

  • Rexx Reviews

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses a house 🏠😞

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