30000 Zcash ZEC Mining Farm - Massive DIY Equihash GPU Mining

August update on my mining farm, proudly joined the 30,000 club with over 30k sols / hash on equihash which I am currently mining Zcash or ZEC with. I am using the 1080 TI, 1080 TI, 1080/1070/1060 Mini Trio GPU DIY Rig build.

Genesis Mining 3% Coupon Code / Referral = p7Yi4l
I sold my Bitmain Antminer L3+ and Pandaminer as well as my Mining Cave Cheetah AMD GPU rig. So much more to come so make sure to subscribe to the VoskCoin Crypto YouTube channel!
Iconomi, WTT, Golem, EOS, Ethereum, and Zcash are some of the main coins I hold!

Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/nti5asr
Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/WQd7cCs

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  • Lauro Sousa

    What OS do you recommend ? where I can download it ?

  • Anonemoose

    "I hope this works out, or else I'm absolutely fucked." -VoskCoin 2017

  • lorddizer

    bro i am going for 12 VGA 1080ti , will build x6 first then build the next one for my boss , can you help me in that >?? i will land you a PM and we can exchange contact and carry one

  • christian garlick

    1:46 Love what you said, so true. lmao. Best wishes to us all!

  • Paolo Ceschia

    I am doing a mining project where I already have investors and a hidroelectric that can provide me with $0.075Kwh, need your help on setting it up. I am in Guatemala, please help us.

  • s0lohans

    Love your videos. Keep it up!

  • Tyler Mag

    Have 16 Radeon RX 570's mining in my apartment that has all utilities included in lease. Pays my rent.

  • Sulfen

    Damn. You have a lot of faith if you put yourself into debt. I hope it works out because you seem like a good guy.

  • BloodlineMedia

    30,000 DAAAAAAMN - but yes you are spot on in your analysis, the more you are hashing its basically the same 1-1 ratio. In other words, spend 3 grand, get the hashing power to make 3 grand back in 6 months or whatever - spend 10k get the same to make 10k in 6 months, so whatever you make after break even, it technically makes sense to spend as much on hardware if your electricity costs are linear.

  • James Breeding

    Love the honesty, good luck, I'm taking a slower route, but then I have less opportunity for gain than you do.

  • Stealth Assassin

    Arent your cards generating a lot of heat? since it is stacked so close to each other

  • Tenho Andersson

    It's not wise to use the 1080. 1070 are a little better with power consumption it gets you higher hash rate mostlikely

  • Kingy B

    I'm all about offending bullshitters... facking fack them !

  • 16vastraturbo

    do you exchange zcash to bitcoin to get a payout in €£$ currency?

  • Spot Pip

    How many AMPs did you setup.. 100 AMPs - 3 Phases ? So around 300 AMpS?

  • Jay Dubau

    You spending more money than need be on boards/ram/cpu/ssd.  Get some risers and double your GPUs. Stability should not be an issue if you have a good mobo; i.e. Asus Z270Acheers

  • Googtube88

    Nice stryker storm trooper tower on your gaming rig. I have the same one, about to rebuild it in coming months along with some of those trio miners. Good video too man. I nearly forgot about all those WTT tokens I got.

  • Wild serval


  • The Real Deal

    Dude!! "Revideo"! Review video. I like it!

  • dynoMITE!

    How many Video cards to hit the 30k Sol mark?

  • Robert Grant

    You would of saved money by not buying so many MOBOS and got better PSU, 6 card rigs r the way to go or actually 8 card rigs. Its just not effective running it that way. Look at BBT my man.

  • Imre Csoka

    With RX400 no more available, really much even, is the RX570 range a good buy? like the Aorus or vanilla G1 Gaming or i dont know.... sigh

  • Sriram R

    How many cards are you using and which cards are they, did you sell your bikal miner ?

  • AstroGTX

    1:40 Debt + Fucked! Made me laugh. Good on ya! Keep up the videos dude. I watch & enjoy them all. Request more Crypto-Chick.

  • Lauro Sousa

    Hi Vosk, I want to build my first rig (3 cards). What nvidia cards do you recomend ? I want to mine alt coins

  • sn0m0ns

    A good credit score and an overwhelming amount of debt is who you have to thank!

  • Tom Mass

    Love the Videos!!! Hey were are you buying your D3 from?

  • NEM with Tony

    Man, YT just suggested your video to me. This channel is like silver! Nice find! It is always nice to see the journey of other people in the same sphere(crypto) but with other ideas on how to build the career on it! :) Keep up the good work!

  • I

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! - You've mentioned in one of your videos you are typically trying to achieve 3.5 - 4.0 Watt/Sol. Could you tell us what Sol/s you can achieve with one 1080 Ti for a given Sol/W of, say 3.5 and 4.0? - I have bought several 1080 Ti and the higher the Sol/W the lower my total Sol/s gets so i'm wondering which values you are recommending and where the "sweet spot" is ?

  • chuckyharr

    Hello Vosk, I have a Gigabyte ax370 gaming k7 motherboard. Am i able to use this board to mine? I cannot seem to get the 4 gtx 1060's i have to show up in windows 10. Any help is greatly appreciated or possibly steer me to a board that supports am4 socket cpu Thank you

  • Ajab Gajab

    Hey i appreciate your work. i just need help can i just get your whats app contact number

  • Quadman808

    how many Giga tokens do you have, we're seeking a large qty of them if you want to part with them.

  • William Mickelson

    a farm like that is hard to buy amd

  • Rain Bitcoins

    Dude your blue line at 7:25 is way to squiggly... You gotta get it flatter.

  • christos christou

    how much h/s 1080TI ?? how muck of them for 1Kh/s ?

  • Cryptodarkpool

    I like this guy :) he's straight up

  • Lauro Sousa

    how many video cards to you hit 30K sols/hash ?

  • Lisa Lowery

    Mine pirl - http://pirl-pool.com

  • Shibob

    30k sol ZEC so cool! But how you deal with power plan? I think the total current might be about 100A.


    Did you set these up in a shed? How are you cooling them? I'm trying to build same farm like yours.

  • game guy

    How can i contact u true indoxs

  • Brian Williams

    Great stuff man. I hope everything turns out well for you. I had a farm about that size in 2014 and when the prices went down and we went into the crypto nuclear winter of 2015 I got burned bad. Hopefully you can make great money and get bitty rich!

  • jincuteguy

    So how much are u making monthly in Zcash?

  • Schmonkee Shomky

    Don't ever sell any coins you farm. Your 40 year old self will thank you

  • luis

    What happen with the video with how you did your farm building ?

  • lightnlove

    I bet you're looking closely at Verge.

  • Crypto Kiefff

    Hey brother, just started mining myself. After my first rig being a 13 GPU asrock h110 setup, I agree with your "trio" setup logic. Thanks for the idea!

  • Baran

    lol you go from brz videos to coin videos

  • Ken Knighten

    I notice your not directly attaching gpu to racks. Is this so you can move individual rigs back into basement for repair or maintenance? I just can't see hooking gpu's to a huge rack without being able to separate them when needed. Thanks for your great videos. My goto for mining ideas. Get well Tails.. Thank You..

  • fasteddiedude

    How much do you think you have invested in this setup? Minus the shed cost. My electric is 0.04 and kinda wanna take a big Loan out and go all in

  • C P

    Holy shit dude, how many cards you have? Like 65 right? Is my math bad?

  • Cody Baxter

    Love your videos, very honest!

  • erdubya

    "this could go alot of ways, hope it works out..otherwise i'm totally fucked"... LMAO!! Hope you make it my dude.

  • Eduardo Lima

    "you know, this could go a lot of ways, im hoping it out, cause otherwise I'm totally fucked." 😂 ... but i love what you said after, "but if you didn't truly believe in this to begin with, then why are you even doing it." truer words have not been spoken

  • Michael Oates

    Awesome man! Thanks for all the info. Just jumped in myself.

  • nosachamos

    Oh man, you sold a L3+ and bought a D3... I'm sorry for your loss.

  • Fahad Anis

    Do you have any D3 or L3 for sale ?

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