GeForce GTX 1070 TI - Launch Review - 34 Benchmarks

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  • pcplsdxtc

    Which card for 1080p 60hz and all games on Ultra which will last for next 3 years with that settings?

  • efraim135

    I have a 1920x1200 monitor how many % less fps will i get?

  • Felipe Idalgo

    I'm watching this video, and in my current time, I found for sale an MSI 1070TI Gaming for the same price of an MSI 1080 AERO. What looked like an obvious choice, became a major doubt, why this 1080 is so cheaper than others? In my country the prices I'm having are these : 521$ 1070 Zotac AMP! / 693$, are the MSI 1070TI Gaming(which are with 16% discount wtf) and the MSI 1080 Aero. I will compare all the specs (clocks/memories), but could anyone explain the problem with this 1080 Aero?

  • Poopin Mah Business

    How much would the faster v ram affect nvidia shadowplay performance when streaming or recording ? Wish you can do a video on that please :) Love your channel btw

  • Trinity Gaming

    wow it has been a while since i have watched ur vids, im glad i came back

  • Adam

    I really like how this guy explains price to performance difference.

  • Rob Mckay

    just bought the MSI titanium edition on an awesome sale. it was like 100$ cheaper than the cheapest 1080.

  • MetallicRain

    Currently I'm trying to buy the parts for a couple of new high end builds. My question is, do you benefit if I click on the Newegg link in the description or do I have to use the links to the specific products you review? I'd really like to support your channel by using the links you provide for my shopping. And thank you for everything you do, your channel is a true YT gem!

  • Luiggi Rodríguez

    These videos are the best!

  • Royal Army

    Very detailed review as always. Straight forward/honest review. Reliable info. Unbiased. Your recommendations helped me in my purchase decisions. You deserve every like/subscribe in all of your videos. Thumbs Up!

  • crazyahhkmed

    You're reviews are objectively more informative and practical than most other consumer electronics channels.

  • Yes_ Aqeel

    You may as well save for a 1080

  • drkRoss

    Just ordered a 1070Ti just now. In the UK, the price was about the same for the factory OC cards and the cheapest cards were about £40 GBP cheaper. I coulda gotten a 1080, but my budget wouldn't allow for it. Really looking forward to it :)

  • PersonalOp.

    Just bought my 1070Ti today, you deserve so much more attention. best tech channel on youtube!

  • Daniel Eduardo Soto Barrera

    Not ark survival evolved ..... u need like 3 gtx 1080 ti xD

  • Lance Lovecraft

    I love you Mr Tech Deals

  • Vitor Sousa

    1070 ti Witch one should you buy please!

  • Mohammed Kayyali

    I was so excited to get my 1080 but after u talking about the 1080ti i felt like im buying a budget gpu

  • St4rTr3v1Ut10n

    Holy crap when video cards were less than $1000 dollars. It's the literal nightmare of PC gamers. Console gamers, who've been saying for decades that "building a PC is just too expensive," have never been more correct than right now. A $400 1070 Ti? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

  • BOSANAC2048

    just the best,when you explain thinks,even noob like me understend,thx soo much

  • Onur Gunduz

    Saying '$200 1060' is just plain wishful thinking at this point...

  • Atreyo Bhatta

    Looks like this video was sponsored by the 1080 Ti

  • Dzul Asyraf

    As of now where I'm from, I can get a used 1080 and 1070ti at the same price.

  • Liam Yoo

    I love tech deals' review always. Please help me to make a decision. I have 2 of 4K monitors for the productivity and I am using GTX 960 with x99 system(6800k, 32gb ram) now. 960 is not bad for my work, but absolutely not enough for gaming I didn't have enough budget when I built the system so now I am considering to upgrade to 1080 or 1070 Ti. The prices are about $525 for 1080 and $470 for 1070Ti in my local place currently. Both of my 4K monitors are unfortunately Free-sync monitor instead of G-sync. I don't mind if games work 50-60fps in high details in 4K, and also don't mind playing game in 1440p. I usually play Overwatch, Destiny 2(I will buy ), a little bit of PUBG(it doesn't matter playing PUBG in 1440p in less detail) and some AAA titles like Battlefield 1, dark soul 3 and witcher 3. The pricing difference between 1080 and 1070Ti is not big for me since 1080 offers Destiny 2 which I need to buy anyway.

  • leonmatthew7

    Love your videos, they’re very simple to understand for someone not so up to scratch, but!... as a sim racer who’s about to get into VR, u never seem to make any reference to VR performance, which would be nice to hear :)

  • The Chief

    Hi Tech Deals, I could really use your expert advice right now. I'm not rich enough to buy a 1080 TI, but I could afford a 1070 ($430), 1070 TI ($470) or even a 1080 ($570). I'm going to be playing games like Witcher 3, Rust, PUBG, Battlefield 1 and World of Tanks/Warships on Ultra, as well as current and future AAA games. What would my best bet be? I'm going to have a Ryzen 7 1700 with whatever I pick and would like a few years. I'd appreciate anybody's advice.

  • Van der Graaf

    I love this guy, because he is reminding me of my childhood, with TV shows that sell high-tech trinkets, useless craps, but always arouse desire lol

  • Griffn sorour

    Hiya. If I want to play games on ultra wide 1440p at 60 plus fps. I'm not bothered about hitting 100 or 140 fps, along as I am constantly above 60fps. So let's say 70-90fps at 1440p wide and I'd be willing to turn graphic settings down from ultra to high. Which card is for me.

  • DJ - Rocket Man -

    I always play on low res and low settings for the least amount of input lag.

  • Admin-i strator

    Now in my country 1070 ti costs actually less than 1070...

  • Steven S

    Do you think 1070tis in sli are good for 3 years at 1440p

  • HpoloGaming

    perfect teeth, perfect video ! Thanks !

  • Jake Enders

    The 1080 and 1080ti graphics cards I'm looking at are $200 apart... still worth a ti?

  • Jake Enders

    1080ti hybrid vs strix. Opinion?

  • requiemeisteRI requiemeisteR

    quick question : 1070 ti msi , evga or asus?

  • Geers Tyresoil

    pointless card, its a detuned 1080 chip with 1070 memory arch.

  • Escape Media

    a 1080 is close to 750 Euros/870$ where I live, almost twice the price. My new build is going near 2700 Euros while I see tech channels on youtube building the same desktops for 1500-2000 $. FOOOOOOOOOOOK OUTTAA HEEERRRRRE

  • ethn

    Something is wrong with my PC. I bought the 1070ti yesterday, paired with 16gb RAM and an i7 4790 3.6ghz. I get a maximum of 50 FPS in Ghost Recon Wildlands Ultra 1080p and it underperforms in many games I play, such as PUBG, The Forest etc. I run For Honor fine, but the minimum was 80, where as your's was 100+? Someone help me please.

  • Ace Makh

    I bought a 1070 Ti that was 15% off. The price of a 1070 for an extremely efficient and cool - in addition to binning - ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 Ti isn't a bad deal, right?

  • F4KE_ NYEX

    gtx 1080 costs 650€ in germany and gtx 1070 500. Fuck off

  • Smithy* Gamer

    Best video for explaining the differences .....great work and now instead of saving some money and going for 1070ti I'm going to wait a month and buy the 1080ti with some more savings

  • Omar Garcia

    You don’t need any 1080(/ti) at all... unless you’re gaming at 4K. One 1070(/ti) will done fine and beyond for 1440p easy!.. including ultra wide at 144hrz. No need to compromise on details either. The average % comparing it to the 1080 are minimal, very different than what your benchmark charts show here(source?: LinusTechTips and my setup)Thanks for the review btw.

  • Karol Milly

    Bud dont you dare buying an msi version its shit runs very hot i can send you screenshoots of it hitting 78degress and 85+ when oced

  • King Zod

    I got the 1070 ti and I love ittttt.

  • Dave Anderson

    what's wrong with turning the detail down to keep the frames up at higher resolutions?  much better than dropping the resolution

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