ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 unboxing Dimensions and weight

  • gideonsward

    Thank you very much for doing the dimensions check, it's important!i head bad experience with manufacturer stating shorter dimensions then actual on purpose... (sapphire) i also see here its 2 more mm then stated 298mm .. i hope it will fit my case, the sapphire didn't, i head to remove HD cage completely but still this one may hit my CD cage.well see if it will hit it, then i maybe have to saw it down :\ (it holds fans right now)i may be getting one very soon.

  • skizzik121

    points to 8pin power adapter, "6pin power, 6 pin power" lmao

  • Carsons12

    Really nice review. I wanted to know the size difference between a strix 970, and 6:03 showed me that. thx!

  • lawcity

    thank you for taking time to measure and compare the two cards. If you can tell me , does the card bend a lot in the system? the strix 970 would bend more than i liked.

  • Daniele Leone

    the 970 isn't plastic...what about the 1070? is it plastic?

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