ASUS DUAL GTX 1070 OC Review, Benchmarks, Testing

Review of the ASUS Dual-Fan GTX 1070 8GB. Link & Deal to Respective GPU Below:


Test System Specs:
Intel i5-4690k @ 4.3 Ghz:
Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM:
Z97 MSI Gaming 5 Mobo:
EVGA 600W Bronze PSU:
Corsair Spec 02 Case:


ASUS GTX 1070 DUAL OC Edition - Unboxing & Overview:

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  • Karim Rahaman

    What program does he use to measure the CPU temp?

  • Swagata Howlader

    should i buy this for my i5 4570 rig ? i know there will be bottleneck, specially since i will be playing on 1080;. what dou think ? will the bottleneck be serious ?

  • John Braman

    what size psu should you have to power that card?

  • Jonathan Frakes

    I hate this card. It runs too hot and the fans are noisy.

  • Stealth

    I have a 1080p monitor is the gtx 1060 6gb the better option?


    Good evening, what are those two LEDs where you have the 8-pin power supply connector?

  • Jorge Siles

    i have the gtx 1060 6gb and when im playing csgo only 1 fan work and sometime boths , what is happening?

  • Johny G.

    What monitor do you have?

  • Edvin K.J.

    This card or the evega FTW edition for 20 dollars more? or the strix version for 70 dollar more tha<nz the dual asus moidel?

  • Betonoszlop

    Why a tiger? Hope they add some money to the conservation projects at least.

  • Ruocaled Nee

    I got it simply because it's white lol a few fps really makes no difference

  • niko nummelin

    How big is the difference between the oc edition and the normal Asus Gtx 1070 O8G?

  • shit deep deep shit

    what power supply do you need to run this?

  • Cameron_Brown

    is my card safe around 65- 75 ? at 1440p becuase i dont want to damage my card

  • Jhonny Garcia

    Perty nice video anyone know the difference between this and the strix version also why is there 2 listing of the same card on Amazon??

  • Caleb Holmes

    wish i had the money for any GOOD computer parts...

  • BudKing96

    is that temperature anything to worry about

  • Back of beyond Tech

    Did you try overclocking it?

  • Gen.

    I bought this card 2 months ago, I then changed it out because the clock was stuck on 645mHz. I then got the new one and the same thing is happening, anyone here who can help?

  • Jason Lim Chin Hoong

    a small card that give a big puch

  • Hugo Barros de Souza

    I think you should remove the background music while showing the noise, but, other than that, Excellent video.

  • Dr.Jimmy Rustles

    what software are you using for the overlays in game?

  • Suckmysanta

    Hello Guys,Just to clear things up this card is indeed a very good card if you are planning to do a white build. But if you are planning to do something like sli, i wouldn´t recommend it just because i have 2 of them and they get pretty hot. Now when i´m playing rise of the tomb raider the top card reches a max temp of 82°c and the bottom card 75°c which is pretty hot in my opinion because these cards are not even overclocked. And when i set the temperature limit to 92°c those cards can hit up to 90°c and they get pretty loud too. And the biggest problem of these cards is the voltage limit, it´s just all over the place and makes overclocking a nightmare. I just can´t get a stable overclock with these cards. I just cannot recommend these cards.

  • forty-two

    no back-plate, no buy

  • Guillermo Calle

    Hi I need your recommendation I want to buy a video card 1070 between asus and msi which of them should I'll buy?...MSI GeForce® GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB GDDR5 (Pascal) [VR Ready]Or theASUS GeForce® GTX 1070 Dual-Fan OC Edition 8GB GDDR5 (Pascal)[VR Ready]

  • DaRoyalPlatypus

    idle is more like 43-44. It creeps up there slowly but surely

  • iramike

    this asus dual oc are noisy when u play heavy games ? i want the 1060 6gb

  • Ossi Muurinen

    Managed to overclock this card to over 2,1 GHz on MSi Afterburner.

  • Michael Schumacher

    I will get the ASUS GTX 1070 Expedition OC Edition. Paired with i7 7700... what do you thing? Will it be enough for at least 2-3 years?

  • MrLemonade88

    Is backplate really cost that much?

  • Simple Life

    Does the card light up?

  • EpicenterOMEGA

    thanks for that info that realy helped me

  • Kejsarn

    The fans dont shut off but they are really really quiet

  • AleksPlays

    just bought this card! :D

  • Zenith

    So this is basically the slowest 1070 :/

  • illusion Luke

    Sounds like Matrix music? +1

  • ItsLucas

    Oh that is sooo sexy

  • Lord Satanlover

    you look like leafyishere's older brother if he has one

  • Objective|Complete

    that is so cheap now! would be worth it for 4k video editing? been looking around trying to not to break the bank.

  • Jack TheLad

    thanks for the video. nice touch with the overlays...can i please ask all reviewers of 1070 cards to please do their benchmarking at 1440p.... you dont need a 1070 card for 1080p gaming...its overkill and we'd really like to know the best cards for 1440p gaming and above :-)

  • Artem Oganyan

    Wow, thx a lot, I will buy it right now. Asus, this is awesome work!

  • Samual Chance

    How loud is this card compared to its peers? I couldn't really tell from the recording in the video as it's relative volume would depend on the volume I have my speakers set to :p Thanks

  • Mr Brain

    its 1080p btw for anyone worndering

  • Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur

    Still really sexy And actually the packaging is a fucking piece of art !

  • Josh TechGamer

    great video I just got new pc I got this card its epic I did go witht he 1060 6 gig

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