ASUS DUAL GTX 1070 OC Review, Benchmarks, Testing

Review of the ASUS Dual-Fan GTX 1070 8GB. Link & Deal to Respective GPU Below:


Test System Specs:
Intel i5-4690k @ 4.3 Ghz:
Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM:
Z97 MSI Gaming 5 Mobo:
EVGA 600W Bronze PSU:
Corsair Spec 02 Case:


ASUS GTX 1070 DUAL OC Edition - Unboxing & Overview:

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  • Dr.Jimmy Rustles

    what software are you using for the overlays in game?

  • Betonoszlop

    Why a tiger? Hope they add some money to the conservation projects at least.

  • Jack TheLad

    thanks for the video. nice touch with the overlays...can i please ask all reviewers of 1070 cards to please do their benchmarking at 1440p.... you dont need a 1070 card for 1080p gaming...its overkill and we'd really like to know the best cards for 1440p gaming and above :-)

  • John Braman

    what size psu should you have to power that card?

  • Álvaro Nass Kunstmann

    Very interesting ... is it normal that the propellers are not always working? Now I have 51 ° without softwares and the propellers off. My benchmark figure that is under the expectations will be normal?


    Good evening, what are those two LEDs where you have the 8-pin power supply connector?

  • Jan Lukeš

    I'm interested in this card for The Witcher 3, but I prefer running my gpu at around 60-65 celsius, rather than 75. However, I assume the gpu fans wasn't running at full speed while playing Witcher. Am I right? Can this gpu achieve about 60-65C under load?

  • Jonathan Frakes

    I hate this card. It runs too hot and the fans are noisy.

  • Guillermo Calle

    Hi I need your recommendation I want to buy a video card 1070 between asus and msi which of them should I'll buy?...MSI GeForce® GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB GDDR5 (Pascal) [VR Ready]Or theASUS GeForce® GTX 1070 Dual-Fan OC Edition 8GB GDDR5 (Pascal)[VR Ready]

  • shit deep deep shit

    what power supply do you need to run this?

  • Swagata Howlader

    should i buy this for my i5 4570 rig ? i know there will be bottleneck, specially since i will be playing on 1080;. what dou think ? will the bottleneck be serious ?

  • Caleb Holmes

    wish i had the money for any GOOD computer parts...

  • Insanity

    also remember that you can tinker with the fan speeds in an oc program like afterburner, or precision X, though it will be louder you can increase the fan speed which will help with those temps, my 960 used to hit 70+ but I increased the fan speed, and it stays around 55-60ish under load.

  • Vasya Pupkin

    Wow, thx a lot, I will buy it right now. Asus, this is awesome work!

  • Jorge Siles

    i have the gtx 1060 6gb and when im playing csgo only 1 fan work and sometime boths , what is happening?

  • Back of beyond Tech

    Did you try overclocking it?

  • illusion Luke

    Sounds like Matrix music? +1

  • Lord Satanlover

    you look like leafyishere's older brother if he has one

  • Johny G.

    What monitor do you have?

  • Suckmysanta

    Hello Guys,Just to clear things up this card is indeed a very good card if you are planning to do a white build. But if you are planning to do something like sli, i wouldn´t recommend it just because i have 2 of them and they get pretty hot. Now when i´m playing rise of the tomb raider the top card reches a max temp of 82°c and the bottom card 75°c which is pretty hot in my opinion because these cards are not even overclocked. And when i set the temperature limit to 92°c those cards can hit up to 90°c and they get pretty loud too. And the biggest problem of these cards is the voltage limit, it´s just all over the place and makes overclocking a nightmare. I just can´t get a stable overclock with these cards. I just cannot recommend these cards.

  • niko nummelin

    How big is the difference between the oc edition and the normal Asus Gtx 1070 O8G?

  • Gen.

    I bought this card 2 months ago, I then changed it out because the clock was stuck on 645mHz. I then got the new one and the same thing is happening, anyone here who can help?

  • EpicenterOMEGA

    thanks for that info that realy helped me

  • Stealth

    I have a 1080p monitor is the gtx 1060 6gb the better option?

  • Zenith

    So this is basically the slowest 1070 :/

  • Ossi Muurinen

    Managed to overclock this card to over 2,1 GHz on MSi Afterburner.

  • Avizacty

    I recently bought this card and it arrived today along with my i5 7600k, excited to test it tomorrow. 😁

  • Kejsarn

    The fans dont shut off but they are really really quiet

  • jamie hayman

    bought 20 of these for mining, and yes the fans do turn off if not stressed..

  • Simple Life

    Does the card light up?

  • MrLemonade88

    Is backplate really cost that much?

  • AleksPlays

    just bought this card! :D

  • Objective|Complete

    that is so cheap now! would be worth it for 4k video editing? been looking around trying to not to break the bank.

  • Michael Schumacher

    I will get the ASUS GTX 1070 Expedition OC Edition. Paired with i7 7700... what do you thing? Will it be enough for at least 2-3 years?

  • ItsLucas_

    Oh that is sooo sexy

  • Samual Chance

    How loud is this card compared to its peers? I couldn't really tell from the recording in the video as it's relative volume would depend on the volume I have my speakers set to :p Thanks

  • Umar Gigani

    which company memeory is there in this card

  • Hugo Barros de Souza

    I think you should remove the background music while showing the noise, but, other than that, Excellent video.

  • Sosneeky

    THE card is still a beast and a harddrive is louder then the fans while idle

  • Jason Lim Chin Hoong

    a small card that give a big puch

  • iramike

    this asus dual oc are noisy when u play heavy games ? i want the 1060 6gb

  • Karim Rahaman

    What program does he use to measure the CPU temp?

  • Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur

    Still really sexy And actually the packaging is a fucking piece of art !

  • Mr Brain

    its 1080p btw for anyone worndering

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