ASUS GTX 1070 DUAL OC Edition - Unboxing & Overview

Overview and Unboxing of the ASUS GeForce 8GB Dual-Fan OC Edition GTX 1070. Link & Deal to Respective Card Below:


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  • GTR24

    just bought this for $390 don't care about the backplate, because I'm staring at the fps counter

  • Torpedo Hippo

    Why make an unoboxing and overview, and not even show it inside a case in a build?

  • metals

    Thanks for the video, what happened to your hair?!

  • Justin Morgan

    The lack of a backplate sucks. BUT I think I'll use that to my advantage for a little bit of customizing. I'm gonna try to find a mirror with roughly the same length and width, then glue some short rubber pegs onto the corners of the mirror and just lay it over the back of the card. It should workout nicely since it's going to be an all white build.

  • Meister Sen

    Man that Card Looks awesome but no Backplate dangit!!!!

  • recto cruz

    hope they bring this design to rx480/470

  • CynicRoot

    Is the only different between the asus dual and the strix is the two fan configuration and color?

  • BoomWithPeter

    i personly got gtx1060 3gb dual white with i5 7600 and B250M-A personaly i dont like gay pc build i like preformance perfectly happy

  • Vorphyrion

    G1 gaming is better in same price

  • Abe Jacobs

    Will it fit in a Thermaltake GTS level 10 tower? I currently have a MSI gaming x 4gb 1050 Ti.

  • Matthewdoesmc81 //

    i have a gt 710 getting this soon

  • Pseudo Coffee


  • Dani Damján

    i dont know which gtx 1070 is cooler. the evga gtx 1070 sc or the asus gtx 1070 dual oc?

  • GongoTheGecko

    I wanna get this card because i really want a white build and the HOF 1070 isn't available anymore

  • Kejvu

    Can you do Asus Dual GTX 1060 review?

  • Kim Greising

    I bought this and IT is as good as My last card so what do i have to make this work as IT should do

  • Minh Tran Anh

    Hello, thanks for the video.I'd like to ask a question that doesn't really related to this video, so please excuse my intrusion.I'm considering between the Asus DUAL-GTX1070-O8G 8 GB and the Asus GTX1070 8GB PCI-E Dual OC (this card in this video), price tag here in Finland is really high, so I'd buy from neighboring countries. Price differences is then almost around 100EUR each. Would you briefly explain, or make a video (excuse my ignorance and arrogance) to explain the significant differences and benefits between these two? (other than higher marketed based and boost clock).Much thanks

  • Derek Nelson

    i just recently discovered this card and I think once i get enough money to upgrade my 980 i'm going to get it. I have a white build so I NEED this all white card.

  • HookkuX

    No backplate it will start bending and in a year it will be broken.

  • zul jae

    its perfect but no backplate. frustrated :(

  • Mike

    I think it's an anti static bag, is the Asus logo upside down? are you actually that stupid or is it the I'm gonna act like a moron sense of humor

  • Guillermo Calle

    Hi I need your recommendation I want to buy a video card 1070 between asus and msi which of them should I'll buy?...MSI GeForce® GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB GDDR5 (Pascal) [VR Ready]Or theASUS GeForce® GTX 1070 Dual-Fan OC Edition 8GB GDDR5 (Pascal)[VR Ready]

  • kavin sur

    whats a good white gpu for $400?

  • Zedax

    Just got me one of these to match the 1440p Rog Swift monitor.. got em both today on black friday \o/

  • Ismail Feham

    Where can i purchase a backplate for this card from Canada ?

  • BassBoosted by Vortixz

    will this card work with the AMD Phenom 955 x4 cpu? (3,2hz)

  • Breadlord

    ima call asus cause i didn't get no gamers of republic shit in my asus dual oc ! THOSE BASTARDS! so im not a fanboy of u asus! Well fuck you!


    dual asus gtx 1070 good or not?

  • Felipe Fonseca

    Do you think a 980ti is equal o even better than this 1070? I dont know what GC do Buy!!

  • SnyperJF

    What's the max temperature allowed for this model?

  • Carlos figuera torrealba

    is dual fan not dual gpu wooooowowowowoow

  • Nina Myres

    Very cool! Thank you! 😃

  • xSou1kingx

    Are these fans also having this idle-feature like on the STRIX-Graphic-Cards?

  • NyDigo

    I'm in a bit of a pickle would love some help. I am going to purchase a 1070. I want to SLI them in the future but I don't know if I should go with a reference card or a custom one from asus, etc. I want it to last as long as possible at low temps (and I know a custom cooler can provide that) but putting two customs in SLI will result in the top fan blowing on the bottom one, and the bottom one blowing on the bottom of the case resulting in the air not being able to escape. Thank you so much in advance.

  • thirdy03

    Not bad in terms of aesthetic nice white color, damn tired of black and red scheme, the only downside in my opinion is there's no backplate!!!

  • itsKB :D

    its now 500+ usd at amazon on the time of making this comment,june 22 2017 1446 hr singapore time

  • Bingo Bong

    you are the best <3

  • Justyn Caesar

    Does the GTX 1060 Dual OC have backplate?

  • YouTuber Dubs

    I clicked off when he said "White tiger on the box"

  • nublix

    Does this and the 1070 strix have a performance difference

  • Tobias

    don't know if it was a mistake but I got this card for €240 of a seller. (second cheapest site was €450 in the Netherlands) but now im able to do a 1070 build instead of 1060

  • Alrasheedii

    this looks ugly as shit

  • iramike

    how about fan noise ?? i want a 1060 asus dual oc but i hear is a little bit noisy

  • johnsolid9

    This card comes with hdmi 2.0b ports or only 2.0?

  • Cigar Boss

    It looks great! but come on backplate !?

  • Jari De Leon

    so this is the cheapest gtx 1070 in my country is it worth it its 444€ here most gtx 1070s are 500€+

  • cthulhu mons

    looked high and low for a video for this. ended up going with rog strix version

  • TKerls

    Who the fuck cares what it looks like. You stick it into your case and never see it again.

  • Jobe Chishko

    I'm not buying any Asus cards anymore. Why doesn't this card have a white back plate it costs $430! I'm salty AF right now (ಠ_ಠ)Great review though

  • Jontheboy

    Okay hear me out guys. I'm going to build a PC next month and I'm going to have a 1070. My initial plan was to purchase a ROG Strix but since then the price has gone up by around 300 Swedish Krona = 36$ But the Dual OC is still at the same price as the Strix was. I'll be putting it in a white case so design wise it would be smart. What should I do? Splash 30$+ on a Strix or go for this card?

  • Ode Valkamo

    hey man , i live in finland so we have a little more expensive gpus like if i want a gtx 1060 6gb i have to pay around a little over 300€ (330$) and i was thinking about getting a 6 gig gtx 1060 but im probably ordering it on new years eve and i saw a deal on gtx 1070 for 440€ (480$~) . should i buy it? or just buy the 1060?

  • Anton Iliev

    no white back-plate is a deal-breaker for me.

  • Persian Victory

    You are so hilarious and ridiculous with your Unboxing & Overview.Act little bit mature, so people do not get tired at the first seconds.

  • Omar Daniel Mercado González

    do any of you kwow the difference between this one and the regular asus dual 1070 (no oc version)?

  • Felix

    The review its content isn't bad I just don't like your review style

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