BBT Episode 11: 6x R7 240 Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin Mining Rig with Sneak peaks!

BEST VIEWED IN 1080p HD (once post processing completed!)

In this episode the BBT takes things to a different level. We take 6x R7 240 sapphires and put them in one of our 6 GPU Open Air Rigs to see what kinda hash/power ratios we can achieve from a sub 50.00 card. To our surprise, these are amazingly efficient and effective considering their size and price point.

Base configuration used in this build:
BBT 6 GPU Open Air Mining Rig (v.2.0)
Intel G3220 Haswell Dual Core Pentium CPU
5x 1x by 16x USB risers (powered)
4gb Corsair Ballistix DDR3 12800
Hitachi 250GB 7200RPM 2.5 HDD
6x Sapphire R7 240 /w Boost
1x Corsair CX600 *and a separate build with a OEM Sparkle 420w

Using settings
-I 17 -w 256 -g 1 --thread-concurrency 8192 --gpu-powertune -10

@248w AC from Wall (106k/h per card)

Best Settings used:
-I 17 -w 256 -g 1 --thread-concurrency 8192 --gpu-engine 950 --gpu-memclock 1000 --gpu-powertune 10

@ 271w AC from Wall (118k/h per card)

Total build cost should be under $550.00 out the door for a 6 card rig if you build your own rig and order cheapest avail risers.

In this build we used Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation and default windows (update) found drivers.

Additionally we used CGMiner 3.7.2

Upcoming next episodes include 12x MSI Twin Frozr build, Pair of 750ti builds, single card and 6 card rig in addition to the Mineral Oil Mining Rig we have been talking about for two months.

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  • Jason Kuhn

    Nice!  Now you should do a 750 build (non-ti version).  Seen them as low as $110 after rebate!  Seems like its a better value vs the Ti.  Maybe they'll still pull 250k/h.

  • Pedro DeLaFlor

    Do you guys have an email

  • asusreviews

    Can't wait for your 750 ti video gogogogo

  • AbdulKader Naseri

    does ti still work now?

  • pascalist1

    LOL ))) 1x7950 = 600kh/s (Scrypt)

  • Henryk Wieniawski

    Dude, you didn't even tell us what you were mining. I know this video is pretty old but seriously man.

  • tech Master!

    r7 240. Vs gt 710. witch one mines better

  • DemonGaming

    Will Carter be doing more budget build variants for those of us that are super low on cash??

  • civic5spdsi

    Hey Carter! Keep up the good work!! I gave y'all a shout out on my blog page (, helping spread the word, plus my rig inspired by you of course. Can't wait to see your other videos!!!

  • mike johnson

    What usb wireless card do you use with Windows 8.1? Trying to find a cheap one that works in Windows 8.1.

  • CB4 & AFTER Pressure Washing

    What you think of the gtx 750? not the ti

  • ImaginationToForm

    Things alright with you guys? Guess you playing with that Oculus Rift. :)  Was hoping to see that oil rig.

  • Mikasa Senpai

    Did i saw that correct that you guys got 480+ kh/s out of the MSi 750Ti´s ? pls responde!

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    each fuk pulls 50 watts nice

  • nicolas bitcoin

    when's the next vid guyz!!!!!!

  • ImaginationToForm

    Interesting to see. I can't wait to see those 750ti's, they seem like they could be a good value.

  • PackHack

    What hashrate should I be getting for a SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 280x? I'm only getting 500 Kh\s on each one, And I've been told I should be getting 600-700 Kh\s on that card. Here is the exact card I have

  • Finzel

    i have a 500W can i run 1 R7 240 vid card in my rig smoothly?

  • Tien gopgop

    please donate some satoshi please !!!17X9HN2HgEiX3MqM937ze2g3wtjnSuwKo4

  • Toque

    Do you a get better hash rating using the USB risers over non-power risers?Seems like overkill? 

  • The Way Of MGTOW

    I really really wanna see how you addressed the bandwidth issues using 16x - 1x risers in cuda miner............ That is the ONLY thing holding me back from pulling the trigger on a BUNCH of 750TI's

  • Diego

    where the fuck can i get those little bitches as cheap as they did?!?!?I apologize for my lenguage, but im really angry, sorry

  • Martin Heuts

    Please don't build this rig ok?! You pay 180 bucks for 6 of those cards, running at 106Kh/s, while you can do this exact hashrate with only a single R9 280x. Ok, it costs a little more, but you will definately save more PCI slots, space, motherboards, memory and CPU's. Trust me with this!p.s. I DO love your vids BBT!

  • Pedro DeLaFlor

    What kind of usb risers are those? I'm looking to get some but i don't know any reliable brands or merchants

  • Geyslan G. Bem

    What's actually the mother board?

  • Nikolay Shindarov

    These cards are being sold for just 27 USD  with GPUcoin, check:

  • Rasmus Jonssønn Skramstad

    Will it play games good? is it possible? i haves like 12 gb video ram

  • Alexander Moore

    You should give the 7750 a shot. I got my gigabyte a year ago for bitcoin . Today it does 190 kh/s pulling about 55 watts. 1060 core 1350 memory.


    Where do you order your USB Riser cables?

  • Darrell Darrell

    This dudes voice is so soothing. I love watching his vids when its time for bed.

  • Jethro Vergara

    go for msi gtx 750 ti next please :)

  • cfkane1941

    Where's everyone finding this card for less than $70? I ran to Microcenter as soon as BBT teased this on Reddit last week - lowest price I've seen is $70. Thanks for the video and the settings info, Carter - great work.

  • recorcu aborjin

    aion game graphic test pls :)

  • ahmet genç

    how hass,powerr? max???

  • BTechTalk

    Can't wait for more! By the way, do you guys have any experience with the Powercolor R9 270 Turbo Duos?

  • Marian

    Do you still use the now in 2017? What do you mine and how are the results?

  • mike johnson

    Another question for you guys. Where did you find a wholesale supplier for the ASRock H81 BTC board? Looking for 10-20 boards at the best price. Same question for the GPU's.

  • Kyu Lee - van Wijk

    Does it matter what brand the Radeon R7 is? For instance: gigabyte, yeston, msi, etc????

  • ZG CoffeeGuy NA

    latest hashrate for this r7 240? I have 2 and planning to use it for minin zcash thanks!

  • DemonGaming

    I can't find these cards anywhere near the price you stated in the video. They are all price at about $70 each brand new.

  • yevon sama

    can we use this system to play game???

  • T Chrigui

    nice content, any thoughts on the Gridseed 360kh/s units please ?

  • AmosKito

    Why dont you use BAMT?

  • Uhh FroSt

    how much profit do u make from this rig

  • Ray Smith

    Reason your USB's may not be working is the SATA connector on them. You should remove the SATA leads and use the MOLEX direct to the PCB board. Have had two of those SATA power connectors burst into flames as well as unstable mining due to them not being able to supply the correct power.

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