How to Build a Budget Mining Rig 2018 | Under $1000 |

GT 1030:
4GB Sodimm DDR4:
SanDisk Ultra Flair 16GB:

Hive OS:

    At 3:49 can some one please tell me what he has on the graphics cards other then the default fans???????? Pleasr

  • Rondo Cat

    A single GTX1080ti is making 2-3 dollars a day with NicehashMiner at the moment... Will take a almost a year to earn the cost of the card. I do not understand why people are going crazy and baying all the cards in the market, it is not that profitable and there is no guarantee the market will not collapse before you even break even or difficulty raise so much that you need new cards before breaking even.

  • Sinclairs Virgo

    thanks for build 1030 for newbie miner learning os ,oc and gui .its very appreciated .for gamerz ,aaawwWww~too bad for you all graphic runout .lmao

  • Cooledelf2 M

    Can we use the 1030's now because the other gpus are at Msrp now?

  • Token Rider

    can i ask what mining software you use??

  • Suraj Tomar

    I nice build would be using theses cards with 19 gpu ASUS motherboard.

  • panchi shah

    Dude... We can contribute as kickback (aka amazon affiliate marketing) in a different way, I am sure half of your audience in non-US. This means We can give a kick back, maybe mining to your wallet address for an hour or a day as a tip?

  • Singularity

    You are full of shit

  • David N

    cool video the BG music is super annoying

  • Ayoub Lachgar

    Does that mean, a $2000 budget for a rig would result in double the profit?

  • Joseph Oxley

    Just a quick question, is there any advantage to use say 6 cheaper cards (gt 1030) rather than a single 1080ti or 2/3 1060's?

  • EL Fugitivo

    i want to start with 3 boxes of this type Antminer S9-13.5TH/s

  • Crypto Jini

    GIG9… now this is an ICO I can and want to invest in! A project focusing on local service providers? Count me in!

  • tiziana vasino

    how to build a mining rig under 1000$ : u steal it.


    Yeah the CPUs are sold out one's from ur link, is 2 gig is tht enough per cpu? I told the lowest should be 8 that handle sufficiently, I plan on running 8 CPUs Advice?

  • Winter Park

    Could you please tell more about which PSU? The link just goes to the site. I did read in the comments that 24 pin is not needed. Thanks

  • Nawaz Waseem

    Budget lol.. That made me laugh

  • tvtime1

    not sure mining is even worth it now

  • Claudio Albert

    Hey man! Pretty good dam video! Hey can you tell us how much power electricity consumption has this miner? Thanks and keep it up!

  • Son of a Tech

    Correction: 4.01 is profit after power not 4.65. The octominer in fact uses ddr4 not ddr3. There was some confusion there. Apologies.

  • W Lam

    I find the whole idea of mining immoral. This is increasing the carbon footprint of the planet, we are having to burn coal, oil and gas just to generate the electricity for these operations. It is leading to climate change. Even if people don't believe in believe in Climate Change, but there are stark realities, such that we only have a finite amount of resources. What will we leave future generations?Burning coal, oil and gas does reduce air quality (these are things you can measure).Whoever invented these Crypto currencies did n't think of the environmental impact. So while you earn $xxxxx, but the cost of increasing flood defences runs into the billions. It would have been better if this was a demonstration of using solar panels and wind turbines etc...

  • ryan williams

    Are 8 gt1030's on neoscript still worth the effort?

  • Chris T

    this is so ridiculous lol

  • Mark Dunn

    You lot are killing pc gaming your like cancer all those struggling people trying to build their gaming rigs and now they cant afford it cause of the massive hikes in prices hope your rigs burn down

  • King Of Tech

    blindrun how many was samsung memory 5 of mine which have arrived 4 are samsung one is micron

  • gymkhanadog

    Wow. Major waste of money with the current state of mining. $0.10/day with 0.05-0.07/day worth of power for each card. Even in Feb when this was made. You should be telling your viewers that reproducing this rig is an epic waste of money, entirely stupid for the less than $1/day this rig makes now, and they should instead invest in GTX 1060s, 1070s or better. Especially since you can get 1070s these days for 400 and under. The 1060s and 1070s will carry you for another year or so in to mining and have resellability. GT 1030s cannot be resold.

  • niksi

    does it really matter which 1030 i get? like if i go with the cheapest one will it have much difference?

  • Deven Modi

    1:15 "I'll try to leave ones that are actually in stock and not ridiculously overpriced for you"Miners like him are the reason gpus are "ridiculously overpriced"


    thanx for shared at the same cost 1080 ti instead I will take 1030 12X1080ti = 4 $ 150 Watt but 12X 1030 = 8 $ 320 Watt.

  • Phil Schmidt

    Newbie's tip of the day: if you bought the fan-less 1030 as I did, don't overlook the need to cool it. I have a single 1030 with SOAT's OC suggestion running on an AsRock AB350M-HDV. Temps settled around 78C with hash at 235 kH/s. I put an external box fan against the open case and temp dropped to 40C with hash at 242 kH/s. DOH!

  • ken ver

    you look like an SS officer

  • Erik Liddell

    Am looking for a psu for the octominer and some gtx 1070s. Wondering why the parralel miner psus don't come with a power cable, where to order the power cable and which breakout board I would need.

  • King Of Tech

    dude i got 6 of these for 333 fucking bargain mate ahahah

  • Christopher Abellana

    With your rig how much profit do you get per month?

  • Unlimited Uploads

    There is no budget mining rig, mining is about buying the best gpu for power efficiency which is RX580 for ethereum and cryptonight heavyYou dont go out buying 6x 1050's you buy 3 RX580's mrofl stupid video :D

  • its okay to be a loser

    is the miner only work on hiveOS?

  • Martijn

    Great video! Thanks.. but i might have missed it.. how do you power these cards on a normal motherboard? since they dont have a 6 or 8 pin. or do they get the power from the risers?

  • Julien Lauzon

    so cryptocurrency is the useless thing ever created??!

  • ih8time

    do u even lift bro??

  • Evan L

    How do you feel about the gddr4 Gt 1030 that is releasing?

  • King Of Tech

    hey blindrun one more question can you use a m.2 adapter with the msi a pro z270 board

  • Adam

    People here are already trying to sell gt1030s for 150 lol. It's cancerous


    So excited can't wait to start making my $2 a day

  • Christopher St.Louis

    1030's lol. Waste of money.

  • Tæsh Ch

    Can we get 1 bitcoin in 1 month with the help of mining machine

  • William Curtin

    What music did you use in the video?

  • The MPSII

    2 questions:1) Do you have a link to buy the case?2) Is there a follow up on the profitability and/or upgrades to this setup?

  • Ayoub Lachgar

    I’m new to this. Does the value fluctuate? You said 4.1 is the profit, could it be mor or less ?

  • Masood Etesami

    is this rig still profitable? do you have a update video?

  • Octominer

    OCTOMINER has fully built mining rigs with XFX RX 580 GPUs for sale now! Start mining now, perfect to mine Ethereum, Zcash or any crypto. Buy here

  • Popa constantin

    if the market crash, how you sell this gt 1030? but I think gtx 1080ti will be in the same shit. anyway doesn't look bad

  • Roc

    Can u show a vid of you assembling it?

  • RyanWake bradtelle

    Could you use PCI Express splitters, I don't know how many PCI Express Lanes do you have on that particular motherboard but if there's enough you could get away with doubling the cards per motherboard, although if you have to buy 7 PCI Express they just be cheaper to buy a whole second motherboard. Of course then you have to buy a whole second system.

  • Phil Schmidt

    Didn't have any luck with HiveOS applying the website OC settings to my 1030 and changes using the nVidia GUI would not stick after a reboot, sooo......[do this from the ~ directory which should be where you reside when you open a new terminal window; stay there]cp .nvidia-settings-rc /home/customnvidiagpu.confnano /home/customnvidiagpu.conf[add these lines to end of file; if you have more than 1 GPU, add them all and increment index; e.g. gpu:1 with 3 lines; gpu:2 with 3 lines; etc.][gpu:0]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[2]=600[gpu:0]/GPUGraphicsClockOffset[2]=200[gpu:0]/GPUPowerMizerMode=1[save and exit]nano .xinitrc[look for the line where HiveOS tries to apply GPU settings]--edited [beneath that line][ABOVE that line] --HiveOS would not apply a change in wallet pool address, so I had to drop the rig and re-add. That blew away the lines I added to .xinitrc. Add them above so that a drop/add to a rig doesn't clear them.nvidia-settings --load-config-only --config /home/customnvidiagpu.conf[save and reboot][check your nVidia X settings GUI; you should see the desired settings stick]

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