RX470 Vs RX570 For Ethereum Mining

One of my old graphics cards packed up so I thought I'd replace it with a brand new RX570. In this video I install and benchmark the gpu in comparison to the RX470.

Power usage at the plug socket.

Claymores Dual Eth Miner V9.2 in Ethereum Only Mode
RX570 22Mh/s 160 Watts
RX470 Modded & Undervolted 28Mh/s 126 Watts.

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  • Rommel Castro

    Excelent video, congratulations, i ask you if Is possible to improve the performance the R-570 to achieve the 27 mhs like you shows us in the video with the r-470?

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    great informative video, I am thinking of getting the blower design rx 470 so it can blow the air out through the back any comments on it

  • Sharedinge - JhonSnow

    hi, rx 470 or 480? :D

  • Tudor Renegade

    what card should I choose to start building a rig ? The Rx 480 is unavailable at the retailers in my country, it's really lame !

  • Kage_Dev

    DO u think gtx 1060 can be good as rx 570 for dual mining ETH+SC ??

  • Ravi Mehra

    Hello can you mod a bios of RX 570 for higher hashrate. It is stuck at 22mh/s on eth mining. As there is no modded bios or setting available on internet to get higher hash rate. Struggling from last 4 days.Brand: SapphireModel: RX 570 PulseMemory size: 4GBMemory manufacturer: HynixOriginal rom upload: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_-D-XN2Sw9PM3hBSVdlZ3dlQkUThanks

  • Raul Echezuria

    is it possible to mod the BIOS in the 570? to get the same results of the 470 modded?

  • desi roti

    Is it worth buying a genesis ethereum contract for 2 years? Is ethereum changing to proof of work next week or months?

  • Pohodacik 007

    hawe problem with my rx 470 - invalid pci rom header signature: expecting 0xaa55 got 0xffff... by ubuntu..have you got any idea..?

  • Irakli Kirkitadze

    Thanks fo great informative video!Right now I have a problem to find rx 470 in reasonable price. So i'm searching the alternative.

  • xDarkiing

    where you found the drivers Crimson 16.6 Beta and need it to get 28mhz?

  • Rana Junaid iqbal

    Sir , i want to mine crypto currency.but i dont have any graphics card.and cant afford a nice graphics card.can u plz give me any of your used cards as a gift.that will be a great help for me.thanks,

  • Guilherme Lemes

    @IMineBlocks do you have a good setup on trix for rx470 4gb xfx? Biosmod on them is just copy the 1500 value and put on 1750 and 2000?

  • threepwood92

    I hate miners so much

  • Paul Jenkins

    Hey there! FYI I have the same XFX 7950 card you do and had the same problem of the fans starting to pack up. I contacted XFX directly and they without hesitation sent me replacement fans for no charge, even though I'm not the original owner of the card. I initially complained of one fan going and as soon as they processed that trouble ticket and shipped the fan the other one started to make noise, so they sent me an entire heatsink/fan assembly with both fans off a card that obvious blew up (burn marks right where the power connectors were). Fans replacement was cake.FWIW one of my fans did eventually seized on the XFX and in spite of that the temp rose only 8C while mining Equihash (though I have Afterburner running the card at +100/+0 Mhz over stock and an aggressive fan profile over 70C). That XFX card is a workhorse, man! Used the hell out of that thing and it's still happily ticking away like the day I bought it! Fantastic card! Selling it on EBay as we speak to make room for some RX 470/570/480/580 replacements.

  • ThanksMia

    hoch much hash rate is by the x570 better than the x470?

  • Mark Russell

    What a brilliant video Lee nice one!!! On your Q&A session could you talk about alternative graphics cards please? I.e. the 460's etc because the 470's are sick hard to find now :( Do you happen to know how long the wait time is with the Amazon link that you put up? I would love to purchase from this link so that you get commission but I desperately need a new card right now as the one I have in is only running at 2.1 mh/s so its not even worth having the extra heat in the room right now haha

  • Ripon Mahmud

    Hi, Watts doesn't matter for me cause electricity is absolutely free in my region, what card you recommend for me? I'm new in mining.

  • xDarkiing

    Anyone can help me? i have rx 470 msi gaming x 4gb modded but get on ly 23mhz can't reach 27+!

  • Windsor Kitaka

    where can i order 470 / 480 in uk?

  • AG Ender

    Thank you for that, I'm in the process of trying to source parts for my first rig, want to jump into mining and your videos have helped quite a bit with the minimal setup I have at the time (only 2 cards rx270 and rx480)

  • Max Studio

    Hi Lee, Thank you for all the info.... been watching your vids for a while and finally subscribed... I do have a question that I can't find a answer... using sgminer 5.6.1 nicehash 51 using 4 gpu... my stats show 1 card at 15.7/mhs and the other 3 running at only around 3mh/s... is there something in the .bat I am not doing?... let me know your thoughts.. thanks again....

  • Isma Chefe

    thanks for the video, does you OC software works with any Amd rx480? or needs to be saphire?

  • drdude7300

    Thanks Lee, wish I'd seen this before I picked up a couple RX 560's - same issues, when I called the manufacturer fcor an RMA, they informed me the the cards only work under win 10 and UEFI bios, nothing legacy ... boo-ugly. Surely wouldn't have purchased these if I had known... Thanks for sharing the pain, brother.

  • Angel David Peraza Vargas

    hola hablas español ?

  • Riaan van den Berg

    Thanks, Lee, was considering getting a 580 to add to my existing 480, but I think I will just get another 480. Thanks again for taking the time and saving me the hassle.

  • sidfor911truth

    Based on all the headache that it seems to create, is there any benefit, economically, to mine eth these days? How many eth can one mine per day reasonably without turning one's apt into a server room with fans, A/C and all? Is all this equipment incredibly noisy? If I could even mine one or two eth a day, it would probably be worth it for me, but is that attainable?

  • ESJai HK

    I got a msi 580 armor 4gb for US$219. It's pretty much the same price as other rx570 (at least for here as everything is basically sold out) I managed to oc&undervolt it and get 29mhs(hynix). It actually takes less power than my asus rog 570 4gb elpida. (~119W for 580, ~122W for 570) I also have two sapphire pulse 580 4gb hynix and they take like ~130W. (all calculated by subtracting 89W system from reading on Kill A Watt)

  • Paul Diaz

    Hey Lee, do you have mod bios for the 570?

  • iAn S.

    is it ok to bios mod 470 and 570 and put them in 1 machine? will there be driver issues and such?

  • Fata Fuchka

    Hi,I have bought a sapphire nitro+ rx 570 8GB (Samsung Memory)Modded with SRBPolaris...coppied strap 1625 to upper (to 1750 and 2000)...PolarisBiosEditor cant read my rom...after that i tried to overclock memory clock and underclock core clock and undervolt...If I overclock the memory above 2000 MHz system fails...I underclocked core to 1100 MHz...Undervolted to 150 mV...and i could only get 23 MHs in Ethereum mining...I've tried some other clock speed and volts...none of those worked...Need help with this...Let me know if anyone know which straps to edit and what is the preferred core and memory clock and volt...Thanks in advance...

  • vavhab

    ROFLMAO, you should read forums before you wasting hours/days.

  • Miner Frank

    hi which epool is the most profitable at present. this is my first time to mine ethereum hope u can send me some inputs. ty

  • Michael Northrup

    I feel like the 470 is so old that it wouldn't be as good. I did some research and found that the 470 is the cheapest, runs the lowest in watts, and actually produces just as many mh/s as the 580, and NVidia 1070. not to mention the 1070 does not support 4 way SLI, so you would have less cards running

  • Ivaylo Tsarov

    Hello, all of the rx 470 and rx 480 are gone, is ASUS Radeon™ ROG STRIX-RX 570 OC Gaming 4GB GDDR5 a good alternative ?

  • Noor Uddin

    So what if you Undervolt and modded the 570 8gb now? Is it better then 470? 470 is no longer available.

  • James Melbow

    I have a random question.I have 4x (flashed) RX 580s in my rigs. On Linux I have no issue controlling the fans.In my windows 10 rig, (an RX 580 and a GTX 970) I can control the 970, no problem, but I have no way to control the RX 580 fans as soon as I flash the unit. Even modifying the flash rom to change the fan settings makes no difference. It always spins at between 120-175 RPM. I have tried MSI afterburner, evga precision, trixx. None of them register anything for the card when it's flashed. Anyone seen similar?

  • Matt Zalewski

    is there anything i can do to my GPU to maximize Mh/S other than increasing memory clock speed?

  • alayoubi

    Hi dude,Is the pci-e x1 x4 x8 slot bandwidth on the Mobo affecting mining hash rate process??

  • Nate Skelly

    since i see in the video that you used the saffire software for the MSI 570. is it possible to use that program and modify 580's to lower the voltage if they are not saffire based?

  • Miner Frank

    Sir I just bought all the hardware needed to mine and I learned it all from you. My problem right now is that I don't know which miner is best to profit using rx470 right now. And hope u can give me the content of the miner's bat file to run. I am currently using this. I'm not sure if my config is right and or it will pay off on my wallet: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.f2pool.com:8008 -ewal 0x3B05339FCc572F02A3B6g3A92Cfdf20D04a5C42d -epsw x -eworker twerker -etha 0 -ethi 8 -dcri 1GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100

  • AbusedNoob

    Hi there, thanks for all your helpful videos. I have a question hopefully you can give me some advice and answers to. I am having a hard time getting my hands on the 4GB 470s, 480s, 570s and 580s. Should I get the 8GB ones? What are the significant difference between the 4GB and 8GBs? And what are the next best GPU alternatives? Am I right to think that we should be choosing the next best alternatives based on MH/s to power consumption? Thanks!

  • Rajzen

    i dont know why but , my hashrates dont change at all after trying to tweak my RX 470 G gb. Its always around 21 hashrate.

  • m kramer

    Hi Lee,do you have any results for zcash mining?

  • Josh

    Nice video! So did you do a mod on the bios for the 470???

  • Paul Johnson

    Smashing video Lee. as I have just bought 1*470 and 1*570 for my first rig, I'd be interested to know your thoughts on running them both in one rig on win 7.1. and if you tried this on your own kit? Paul :)

  • Denis A

    Does anyone know a site where we can contact directly with the sellers of graphics cards...(USED GRAPHIC CARDS).NOT e bay Not amazon NOT alibaba NO third part

  • padam negi

    I think it would be such a good idea.

  • foxpup

    Thanks for going through the frustrating trouble of bringing us this video - many thanks from the land of 110V 60hz and SAE. :-)

  • Drazzz

    can i plug another GPU to a 16x running on 4x speeds? my mobo is quite old will it affect the hashrate?

  • Nikky m

    I want to build a stealth mining rig, what are some good motherboard that can fit 2-3 gpu. Is it loud during 2-3 gpu mining?

  • Theworthsearcher

    So the 580 is worse for the coin? I see the same. :-(

  • Michael Northrup

    Okay so to make sure. the 470 does the same as the 570, and uses less watts right

  • samljer

    570 uses more power for less performance, dayumthe GTX 1070 gets 30mh and the 1080 gets 20because GDDR5X has a narrower bus then regular GDDR5.Beasts the 1070 at gaming, but its literally 1/3 slower in mining.

  • Nasdaq trader

    I wonder what is a good GPU setting percentage wise on the Rx470 so that you can still play some computer games if you want to?

  • djraven911


  • Zin Uru

    Hi Lee, I am new to all this but find your channel fantastic at explaining digital currency. Is it still worthwhile purchasing/building a dedicated mining rig for Ethereum? I have read a lot of articles that say it will become a lot harder in the very near future and then impossible. Is there still time to get a return on investment on a £2k rig with a hash rate of 160? Also when it becomes too difficult to mine Ethereum would the rig still be useful for other currencies in the future?Apologies if some of these questions are noobish but hey I am a noob at this!

  • koolkiwikat

    Update to windows 10, its still for free!

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