Best 1080p Graphics Card - ASUS Strix GTX 1060 OC 6GB

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  • LiveAholic

    Msi b350 pc mate with the videokaart

  • Mark Davenport Jr

    Nice cant wait to get one next weekend. :D

  • Marco Leo

    With that website you were on why was it asking you to buy the stuff with robux

  • Lachie Edwards

    where the benchmarks done on the ultra wide monitor or on a 16:9 monitor

  • sy wolf

    This GPU and i5 7400 good?

  • MicahSurf

    Anyone who has the NZXT h400i and was wondering if this would fit besides it’s length not being compatible with the case, it will. You have to take off one of the front fans while installing (re install fan once 1060 is in) there is about a inch clearance between the card and the fan.

  • Dian Grobbelaar

    You should look at Wootware's site too. They are very good

  • Kyypex

    I just bought this card and its quiet on startup but when i start fortnite it sounds like a mini jet, can hear it loud and clear through my siberia v3 headset. Is it supposted to be like that? even when i close fortnite the fans are still loud

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