NiceHash vs Mining Pool Hub (PART 2)

Follow up on my NiceHash vs Mining Pool Hub mining test. This time all algos are enabled and the cards were switched after 24 hours.

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Tips appreciated :)
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  • GrosTabarnak

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing dude.

  • Marcelo Aliberti

    Did you say what miner did you use with MPH?

  • Alex Goon

    Are you still mining lcc with your s9?

  • Kiesha Jones

    Found out about Gig9 coz of my mom. She called me like an hour ago all excited because she said this app will help her do some work. My mom has always been a workaholic. She’s retired now but knowing this will help satisfy her love for designing is something I can definitely support. Thanks for thinking of people like my mom, gig9. I’m sure this will give people hope again.

  • dastforush

    Are you still using your S9, and how is it now?

  • Simo Ilmari

    Hi, have you ever tryed underclocking GPU or underclocking pc? (and overclocking) , maybe underclocking pc , if you use it, you can save power and reduce the electric bill, i listened this in some other video.

  • Claudio Junior

    Hi dude, great video! another goood compare is the ahashpool and zpool. What do you think about it?

  • Kila Krumpira

    Great idea, but if you are not using Nicehash legacy, this test is obsolete. Do a legacy vs mph since NHM legacy is able to use different miners. Cool channel, i subbed.

  • De WebDude

    I think the only thing which is a little uneven is you need to mine same power on both on the same day simultaneously that way that days difficulty and reward are based on the same exact time giving you the best/fairest comparison. Of course that means you need 2 or more identical pieces of mining equipment.

  • CryptoWarrior

    Mining Pool Hub is easy to setup if you watch GooseTech's videos. He walks you through beginning to end and explains everything in clear to understand english. In the end you have to decide which program and pool you want to go with. Now I'm not sure about batch setups because all of the pool setup I've done with mining pool hub using Awesome Miner I didn't have to script anything. It was pretty much a few things to type and some copying and pasting.

  • marvin diesel

    Nicehash Legacy makes more money than the pool does. NH Legacy wins I don't know why people keep making these stupid videos lol

  • ssjpacman

    Check out awesome Miner it works great currently mining electroneum

  • Faycal B

    Shia Labeouf Mining ^^

  • Ehsan A

    Did you mine auto switch in Mining poolhub ?

  • Lucas Rizor

    Mph allows you to algo-switch too. If you were mining Equihash and Lyra2rev2 was more profitable, then NH would show more profit than you are allowing mph to be

  • Litecoin Lucky

    JMS Vlogs, How is your Trezor going?

  • Ryan Coombs

    How is your hashflare mining going? Can you give us an update

  • Magd Eli

    NiceHash Vs AwesomeMiner Please.

  • shubham patil

    Lyra2z is more profitable than equihash on MPH for 1070ti

  • Umity Fantos

    GIG9 is here and I’m signing up to the whitelist as I have high hopes for this project due to their incredible idea.

  • NEWF2195

    I’m curious to know what your daily income is with your S9 now that the price of bitcoin is so far down and the difficulty level is still the same?

  • Chrisitian Mark

    Thanks for the video.. keep it up... i will stick to nicehash, as there is less hassle, and easy to use.

  • BigMike E.

    mining pool hub vs awesome miner profit miner

  • MA A

    HiThank you so much Would you please compare Nicehash to Slushpool!

  • MiningTrades

    Just stick with nicehash dude

  • Horatiu Hritu

    What mining software are you using for MinigPoolHub ? I tried to use awesome miner with MinigPoolHub but I got less bitcoin in 24h than NH and I switch back to Nice hash. I would really appreciate if you can tell me the mining software are you using for the MiningPoolHub. Thanks.

  • Benny Holgersson

    Nichehash Vs Mining Pool Vs Minergate.

  • wynand goss

    What about claymore vs mining pool hup mining eth with using the deul mining on claymore and profit mining on pool hub

  • Werner Herrmann

    I always migrate back to NH. It's just easier than moving coins to an exchange and converting. (I Know MPhub can do autoswitch) But nor been very lucky there, maybe i just chose the wrong combination of algo's

  • DanielRichards644

    not seeing how this is happening, every day I try mining pool hub I bring home noticeably less then Nicehash, that said I'm not using either right now, I found something much much better, like nearly double today (who knows where it will go from here).

  • Shawn Muller

    Which Miner were you using for MPH? Can you run this test using Awesome Miner and all the algorithms for it versus Nicehash? Thanks.

  • bombebomb

    Sadly these comparisons are really hard to say one is better than the other without a really, really long test period. One you mine coins, other you're paid to mine for someone else....buyer seller market, vs direct.

  • Gamer ROG

    Both those sites are gutting alts to support BTC. If you hate alts use these sites. Mining is about supporting coins you believe in. Not raping alts for the benefit of BTC. Y'all need to learn to HODL....

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