ZCash Miner 6x GPU ZEC - Nvidia Mining Rigs - 48x GTX 1070 - Posiedon Prototype

The beginning of our mining journey.
  • Edwin Ruiz

    Nesecito minar amigo me faltan los programas cualquier información edwinruiz412@gmail.com

  • austin camphouse

    Specs for your rigs?

  • wen li ritchie lee

    bro, i need advise. i am building a rig here in our country, i might be using 6pcs msi 1070 armor and asrock h110 pro btc for motherboard. our country electricity cost is about $0.09 KW/H. assume i will be using only 80% of the hash rate power( do not want to over use my GPUs). 1) how much negative i am generating per day as for 2017 bitcoin rate?. ( i am betting on bitcoin rising in value anyway). 2) is it more suitable/efficient to mine ethereum or mining bitcoin with the msi 1070 armor gpus? 3) should i use another or change to Rx cards for mining ethereum? 4) can i use the same rig to mine both ethereum and bitcoin at the same time? appreciates your help.lets grow the coins together

  • Lena Familiya

    I cannot buy a card at comfortable price because of people like you, I hate youSo tidy and matching and shiny, I cannot hate you now. Damn feels :c

  • Zoltan V.

    Hello! First of all, thank you very much for sharing your videos, they are really helpful!As I see you are quite experienced with the Geforce 1070 cards so I would like to ask you just a quick tip.I just bought 6x MSI 1070 Gaming X, which has 8 and 6 pins as well. Can I ask you a recommendation for the Power Supply? Should I buy 1 or 2 PSU's, maybe which one would be the best for my rig?Thank you in advice!

  • eerereps

    build a nas in RAID5 or something instead of having individual USB disk per rig.

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